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13 June 2008 @ 11:31 am
 So I was browsing viv and larry {dot} com and came upon the supplemental materials sections....which made me think about my final paper for my English Comp II class last semester. We got to write on whatever we wanted, and Dr. Montgomery said we could simply extend any paper we hade written earlier in the semester. But of course, being the dork I am, I decided to write a new paper...on Gone With the Wind of course!! 

Soooo if you're bored with nothing else to do...you can read it! It's more on the book, Gone With the Wind, rather than the movie, and on the difference between the antebellum and post-war South. Let me know what you think!


(my all-time favorite photo from the film.)
(where most people have a photo of them and their boyfriend or friends in their car-this is in mine.)

12 June 2008 @ 09:28 pm
Has anyone here seen the 2001 British documentary, "Larry and Vivien: The Oliviers in Love"?

I'm dying to know more about it. A couple people have told me they liked it a lot, but it's not available here in the States. If you've seen it what did you think of it?
11 June 2008 @ 04:15 pm

A little while ago I made a post asking what information you all knew about Jill Esmond, since I didn't know very much about her. Today, however, I was just thinking about how I really don't know that much about Leigh Holman (Vivien's first husband) except the two really weren't in love and that he was 13 years her senior  and they had a daughter, Suzanne, together. What did he do for a living? Where did he meet Vivien? and just other random facts you want to throw in would be great. haha!

04 June 2008 @ 01:54 pm

So I have a little extra money from my tax return, and I really want to buy something Vivien Leigh or Judy Garland related on Ebay. I don't want to spend very much, probably 50 dollars tops. I'm sure the things you can buy with 50 dollars are very few...but, oh well. Anyway, what I was wondering is what are good things to buy? And what tends to be things that people sometimes put up for way too much? I've never bought anything on ebay before so I don't know too much about what I'm doing! Lol! 

Any input would be helpful!

03 June 2008 @ 12:15 am
Hey everyone, I recently had a contest at my website, and the prize is a free copy of the book "Love Scene The Story of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh" by Jesse Lasky. People who entered had to write a short explanation of why they like Larry and Vivien. I'm going to post the entries here for you to vote on your favorite. Voting is open to everyone.

++One vote per person, please
++If you submitted an entry, please do not vote for yourself
++Voting will be open for a week and then the answer with the most votes wins.


1) I like vivien and larry as a couple because they really loved each other they werent set up like some stars from the movie stuidos.

2) Loving the Oliviers is often joyous and heartbreaking, but every minute is worth it. Their extraordinary talent combined with their startling good looks and tremendous chemistry has always made them an object of fascination for me.
Changing the world gets harder every day, but they held up a standard for me of how to revolutionize and fully embody a certain circle in the world.
I had been in plays all my life, and the older I get the more I find myself recalling with chills of joy the impact their work, together and apart, has had on me.
Even now, as I am separated from my fiance for eighteen months, I am holding Vivien Leigh as a beacon. She endured separation from her beloved more than once, and she always withstood it and worked through her sadness. I hope that I can be as strong as she was.

3) It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what it is that draws me to Larry and Viv. To start by pointing out the obvious, they're both ridiculously gorgeous people. When you see them on the screen, it's nearly impossible to take your eyes off them-it's probably cliche, but they really do seem to just have this aura around them.
More importantly, they were also extremely talented people. Watching their movies, I think sometimes they make even their most talented co-stars- Marlon Brando, Olivia deHavilland, Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon, Greer Garson, Dustin Hoffman, Joan Fontaine, ect- almost lack talent, it seems. But at the same time it's like they make their co-stars better by being with them.
I think the reason that I like them the most is the love they had for each other. I do realize that it wasn't pretty the last few years that they were together and that they got divorced. But I love the idea that even after all the crap, they still were the loves of each other's lives. I love even more the idea that each died still in love with the other. My favorite story is the one about Larry in his 80s- he was watching Viv in a movie on TV and he was in tears. "This" he said, "This was love. This was the real thing."
Being a hopeless romantic myself, I am a firm believer in true love and I honestly think that we are meant to be with only one person- for however brief a time that may be. That is absolutely one of my strongest beliefs, and I think that Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh affirm it.

4) It is very difficult for me to express what I feel for them and the reason for my admiration. It is a question I have often asked myself but can never find an answer. My greatest admiration stems from them as a couple that despite all the adverse circumstances they chose to be together, even though it was a difficult 'road'. A relationship is made up of sacrifice and 'giving' and they gave themselves to each other entirely. Between them they had two great love, what they felt for each other and the love of theatre which we can enjoy til this day. They left us a wonderful gift! And we are so lucky. Laurence Olivier once said: "I never thought it was possible to love anybody so much or quite so completely, or that anybody should be so wonderfully abundant and prodigal to me in everything I've wanted most. As we have settled down and become firmer in our minds, and more peaceful in our hearts, our life together has become so unbelievably beautiful. We have been through a terribly difficult two years...but I really believe that our love will justify itself in the end." I think that captures it all.

Poll #1198467 Viv and Larry {dot} com Contest

Why do you like Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh?

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02 June 2008 @ 10:29 am
What do you guys/gals think about Vivien Leigh's affair with Peter Finch? How do you view his role in the whole thing?

In my opinion, I sort of blame him for the problem. Vivien claimed (to Peter's wife, Tamara) that she didn't love Peter, and only slept with him because Larry was becoming distant. Larry, I assume, was becoming distant because Vivien's manic depression was getting more and more out of control and he had a hard time dealing with it. However, Larry said in his autobiography that when she had her breakdown in Hollywood in 1953, Vivien claimed she was in love with Peter (Peter, who wasn't there for her during her time of need--it was David Niven who stayed locked in the house with her in Hollywood while Larry flew over from Italy to take her back to England). Larry said he wondered where Peter was during all of this.

I think it's sad that Vivien went after Peter, but for all purposes, he could have and should have said "No." He was happily married and had a young daughter, and knew Viv wasn't all there. It seems that Larry felt angry that she cheated on him (he told his son, Tarquin, that Viv had betrayed him) but at the same time, it seems he allowed it to go on because Peter took some of the burden of dealing with Viv off of his shoulders. Despite the fact that I like Peter in Network, it seems he was kind of a jerk. He really didn't do Viv any good and he sort of tossed her aside for Larry to pick up the pieces. The Finches ended up divorcing over the affair, and I think it was really a huge factor in the break up of Larry and Viv as well.

What do you think of it?
29 May 2008 @ 11:09 pm
Here is a YouTube video on GWTW the Musical. Apparently, it's awful...however, I would still love to travel to London and see it just because I feel like anything to do with GWTW I must see or read (Rhett Butler's People for example...) no matter how much I disagree with it. Plus, it's combining two of my favorite things 1. GWTW and 2. Musicals! Anyway, the video is very interesting, it has to clips from the play.
25 May 2008 @ 04:55 pm
I did a post at foto_decadent with a bunch of vintage stuff yesterday, and I'm so glad people there appreciate Vivien! One of these photos was posted but I'll post both here. These are from Harper's Bazaar in 1946, photographed by Louise Dahl-Wolfe.

24 May 2008 @ 12:39 pm
I decided to switch up the community layout. What do you think?

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21 May 2008 @ 11:22 am
Living is strife and torment, disappointment and love and sacrifice, golden sunsets and black storms. I said that some time ago, and today I do not think I would add one word. --Laurence Olivier

May 22nd is Laurence Olivier's 101st birthday, and since I'll be a busy bee tomorrow, I'll do my birthday celebratory tribute today instead.

Laurence Olivier is considered by many to be the greatest actor of his generation, especially on the British stage, and many contemporary actors get their inspiration from watching, listening or having worked with him (Ralph Fiennes, Ian McKellen, Anthony Hopkins to name a few). Humphrey Bogart, Larry's peer, thought that Larry was the best actor he'd ever seen (according to Lauren Bacall). Larry started off loathing cinema because there was money in it and because he thought it inferior to stage (btw, he had a bit of an ego), but over time he learned to embrace it and developed his talents as not only a superior film actor, but an award-winning director and later producer. He was the first actor to direct himself to a best actor Oscar for Hamlet in 1948, he was nominated for a record 10 Academy Awards in his career (Cary Grant presented him with his lifetime achievement Oscar in 1979), and his list of theatrical accomplishments is about 10 miles long.

Larry was really the first actor to bring Shakespeare to the screen in a way that was interesting and accessible to the average person.

I adore Laurence Olivier not only because I very much enjoy his films (even the shitty ones), but I also like learning about him and of course because he's 1/2 of my favorite romantic couple in moviedom. He went through a lot in his marriage to Vivien Leigh but he stuck with her for a really long time and was very much devoted and over the moon for her, I think despite everything that went down, and he just seemed like a really genuinely good guy, and I support that. I'm glad he wasn't a pig like a lot of those Hollywood types were and probably are still today. Not to mention, he was smokin' hot!

All in all, I don't think he'll ever be forgotten, such was the extent of his contributions to film, theatre and culture in general. Larry's a legend, and rightfully so.

Well done, Sir. Well done.

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